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Notice to All Readers

Disclaimer: This blog as a website with a collection of articles and links is provided for educational and informational purposes. Claims made here are based on factual references and the use of traditional indigenous knowledge to treat medical conditions, improve and maintain human health through the use of a naturally occurring plant (substance) that was illegally demonized by authorities based on a series of corrupt laws and events.

A wide range of arguments and knowledge are presented for the reader's pleasure. We do not suggest that anyone reading these materials intentionally perform illegal acts or break any legal statutes in their home countries.

The fact of the matter is that the coca leaf in large quantities (more than 1 kilo) is illegal in most countries because it can be assumed that anyone who is in possession of this substance is a potential transporter or manufacturer of the illegal drugs called cocaine hydro-chloride, cocaine nitrate, coca sulfate and coca ethylene.

There are no known cases of criminal prosecution for small amounts (under 1 kilo, 2.2 lbs) of coca leaves, many people try to bring it to countries as tourists visiting South America, however the disposition is usually undocumented seizure and disposal based on agricultural quarantine laws. To the best of our knowledge it takes nearly 75 different chemicals to properly extract the alkaloid cocaine and convert it to a stable salt compound to be recognized as an illegal drug.

Embrace Indigenous Values

It is essential that all visitors and readers to our blog fully understand the coca leaf, the coca plant, the effects it has had on mankind, and the use of coca as a naturally occurring plant that belongs to the original indigenous cultures of planet earth. It is also necessary that readers adapt their perspective to recognize the coca leaf and its natural preparations as intellectual property of those who discovered and have used it since the dawn of our civilization (over 6000 years ago).

Respect for the Law

It may also be essential for the reader to respect the laws of their country and to realize that the jurisdiction of their national law ends at their political borders. The coca leaf and its products are legal internationally and they are legal in the nation-state of Bolivia as of January 23, 2014. There are a number of legal exceptions made for the coca leaf and its extracts through corporations with government collusion for medicinal purposes and the most well-known corporation in the world, the Coca.Cola Company.

It is our clear understanding that governments are constitutionally owned and controlled by natural people living within and belonging to their nation-state and governments cannot be operated by corporations. We strongly condemn case of the Coca-Cola Company, governmental diplomatic relations, and their commercial trading relationships as unjust and being unfair to indigenous people and business people that can derive benefit from the legal use and consumption of the coca leaf as a food, medicine, and as a natural remedy.

The purposes of this blog are to provide educational information and to present rational reasoning to defeat unfair and illegal implementation of non-constitutional laws that have been unfairly applied in an effort to benefit private corporations and also to unravel the biggest criminal corruption development ever devised in the world's history between governments, the international community, and corporations.

Cutting through the Green Tape

It is important that all readers and visitors to our page that are interested in learning the complete story about coca, the coca leaf, the coca plant, and cocaine be prepared to thoroughly research and investigate their subject in both the English and Spanish languages because there are different perspectives relative to acceptance and understanding.

Because the origin of the coca leaf is South America there many unique scientific studies have occurred and are currently being conducted there, whose results are normally printed in the Spanish language, sometimes these articles are translated but most frequently they are not. Yet other scientific information, opinion, and policy are also found in English. Both languages are equally important relative to this topic.

In the case of our blog posts we have translated several news articles and a few documents. We suggest that anyone seeking qualified information about coca thoroughly review our blog and all the links we share here as well. We have made every attempt to present all of the information contained herein in a clear, concise and organized manner.

About the Authors

This blog is authored by Col. David J. Wright who re-posts popular and relevant articles, creates original content and is further independently developed and compiled by volunteers, guest authors and cooperative owners of the Coca Tea Company formerly located in Caracas, Venezuela.